Fit for purpose cloud to enable exponential growth and take advantage of resiliency

When the true potential of your business data is realized, then building market-leading customer experience and accelerating sales is quite easy. This is what we deliver to our customers with our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions. With the utmost accuracy in data analytics, our customers have never missed a chance for effective marketing, revenue generation, customer service and improving operational efficiency, and thus could achieve great competitive advantages over their rival organizations. We help businesses by extracting insights from the data and thereby empowering decision making. Interactive visualization of the data from our side comforts our clients to discover correlations and patterns within the data.

Our Capabilities

Assessment and Planning

Your transition to the cloud operating model starts with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and processes. We will work with you to carefully analyze IT estate and your business objectives, and plan your journey to the cloud that is aligned with your most urgent business priorities and organizational capabilities.

Deep Learning

Some of your applications may be simply re-hosted on the cloud infrastructure, without any changes to the application code. This strategy may benefit organizations that need to migrate legacy workloads out of their data centers to meet a specific deadline, or just want to get to the cloud quickly in the least complex manner. While the lift-and-shift approach does not unlock the deeper capabilities, cost efficiency, and value of the cloud,

Application Modernization

Reengineering involves deeper changes to the application architecture and code, e.g. transforming a monolithic application into a microservices (or serverless) architecture to enable its further evolution over time and/or ease its’ integration with other systems. This approach enables deeper integration with cloud-native capabilities and services and helps maximize flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Cloud-native Development

Systems that take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud achieve optimal scalability, cost efficiency, and agility (ability to be changed quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities). Cloud-native solutions are usually built as microservices, either packaged in containers or using serverless architectures, and managed through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. Weevil designs and delivers cloud-native solutions that achieve critical business outcomes for our clients.