Where we are

We have always been in the race to identify innovation before it reaches us from elsewhere. Our engagement with blockchain technology started years ago and today we have successfully helped our customers to implement mass scale blockchain-powered business ecosystems for their end consumers.

Our expertise in blockchain technologies include solutions such as Smart Business Contracts, land management, healthcare records, Real Estate Contract Management Systems, and much more.

From smarter financial transactions to more authentic business contracts, blockchain technology is hailed as the next big game-changer after the dawn of the internet 3 decades ago. Across the globe, reports have stated that utilizing blockchain technology can help banking institutions save up to $12Billion in costs annually. Besides, today Blockchain centered projects are expected to procure a minimum of $1 million in project funding from stakeholders which clearly shows that the tech industry has a new mine to explore.

Our Capabilities

Enterprise Grade Dapps Development

We help businesses in multiple industry domains to create new business models with smarter and more secure DApps built on top of blockchain technology. A decentralized app can provide a competitive pressure that changes the pricing of digital resources for a greater range of values to serve a wider market of users.

Crypto token development

We develop custom cryptocurrency tokens to provide your business more secure and transparent process flow.There are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to a traditional exchange, these people are primed for the  The transparency and immutability of the crypto tokens help a business to quickly gain trust in the market.

Smart contracts

Using smart contracts, control over the execution of an agreement would no longer be in the hands of a single party and interaction would no longer be limited to a closed centralized system. The proper execution of contracts could be verified by the network of computers connected to the blockchain. This trust-less system can be your trump card to gain the trust of customers and to provide them with a guaranteed secure and seamless transactions.

Crypto Asset Exchange

Crypto asset exchanges make it possible for a person to buy, sell or exchange crypto asset for other digital currency or traditional currency. A crypto asset exchange platform offers integration of various payment methods, advanced reporting options, high-security standards for maintaining the funds and invulnerability.

Crypto Wallets

The digital nature of cryptocurrencies makes it a perfect solution for cross-border transactions. It is fast and low-cost. To do cryptocurrency transactions, you need Cryptocurrency Wallet. It is an equivalent of a regular bank account making it possible to exchange as well as store cryptocurrency securely. We develop cryptocurrency wallets to enable your business with cryptocurrency transactions using most of the prominent cryptocurrencies.

Industry Specific Blockchain Solutions

Our Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms allow our business partners and technology companies build ground breaking blockchain apps for any industry they operate in be it Finance, Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, etc. In short we help them drive new transformational changes in existing technology infrastructure with blockchain protocols and core APIs.

Weevil practices DevOps

DevOps is a practice that every product should follow. It brings both developers and operations together to form a smaller and active product development cycle. The team of Weevil is specialized in setting up such architecture. It is capable of setting up automated test acceptance and a proper CI/ CD process. At Weevil, the teams of data scientists are highly experienced and can set up various tools like single sign-on/LDAP authentication, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Gradle, and AWS. Weevil also provides hiring services and consulting services for both onsite and offsite DevOps engineers. Deployment is one of the parameters of a successful product.


Facilitate agility in future developments. Agile methodology is different from devops practices. Agile focuses on iterative approach with client collaboration, whereas devops is to streamline development and operations. methodology.

Makes the deployment process faster and easier Implementation and setup of correct CI/ CD tools and processes make the deployment faster as code gets tested automatically and gets approval.

Facilitates 100% uptime By following the practice of continuous monitoring of the production environment, any anomaly can be pre-detected and prevented.

Facilitates collaborative working patterns Remotely, multiple teams can work together and collaborate on more significant systems. Different skills and expertise can make a better product. Each developer can concentrate on his domain expertise and operations are all automated.

Facilitates hybrid technology architecture Every technology has some strong capabilities, using specific tools like Docker, it has now become feasible to use different techniques together. This has opened doors to use best of all in the same project and still can be deployed on the same server.

Facilitates Load balancing and backup capabilities Due to VCS auto backups are created. It can also facilitate rollbacks and become artifacts of the system progress. DevOps can also help to configure load balancing as it understands the system’s operations.