Secure, solutions to streamline processes for the legal sector

Legal firms need to be able to access confidential information quickly and easily, but they also need to meet strict legal compliance laws and make sure only authorised people have access at the same time. This means they face a unique challenge and need IT solutions that make information accessible to users while being secure.

The legal sector also needs to be able to share information effectively in their organisation. The right IT solutions can help improve the flow of information around your company, give staff more flexible working options and increase efficiency when dealing with clients. It’s about implementing the right systems to improve your internal processes so that you can put clients first and achieve the outcomes they want.

Electronic Case Filing

Backlogs of unprocessed cases are a major challenge for court systems with limited resources. With the online data entry capabilities of weevil CMS, users can enter new case records and also update and save existing case records in a fully searchable database.

Case Workflow Management

The processes and workflows of a case management system are unique to each individual court. CMS’s powerful workflow feature allows administrators to set up the filing, processing, approvals, appeals, reproduction, and editing of case documents based on court regulations and protocols.

Court Scheduling

An important aspect of any case management system is managing case loads, scheduling, and measuring the time between case filing and disposition. weevil CMS’s calendar module allows court officials to schedule hearings, arrange tasks and notifications, and set meetings for themselves or other court staff.

Case Analytics
and Reporting

Tracking court performance helps to bring accountability, increases public trust and confidence in the judicial system, and enhances the rule of law. Weevil CMS’s reporting module automates the production of customizable reports, lists, charts, and “Public Views” allowing the controlled publication of performance information, and increased transparency and accountability. Reports, charts and graphs can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

Intelligent Case Allocation

Weevil CMS can automatically allocate new cases to judges according to their existing caseload, case weight, and subject, thus ensuring an even distribution of work and reducing the time required to administer cases.