Your company’s IT security is in safe and experienced hands

The use of IT systems at all levels of the organisational structure of business is now so common that it has become an outright necessity for companies to protect their IT resources. A well-maintained IT policy shapes a company’s productivity and effectiveness, while a feeling of total security is an unusually important aspect of the effort to achieve business goals.

Our Capabilities

Monitoring and reporting

We assume responsibility for continuous monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. Cyclical reports on the state of the IT infrastructure mean that potential threats to your company can be detected immediately.

IT security audit

Based on specific standards (CIS, NIST, OWASP ASVS, etc.) and best practices, we analyse companies’ entire IT infrastructure — devices, systems, services, networks and business applications.

Security tests

We perform IT infrastructure security tests in accordance with the best practices and standards. We conduct penetration tests of web applications, systems and networks, as well as selected solutions operating in the client's infrastructure.

IT security support

Based on the audit/security test carried out or at the client's request, we conduct maintenance works and monitor the security status of the infrastructure and business processes.

Data processing security

On the basis of the security audit of business processes that process sensitive data (e.g. personal, financial, commercial, etc.), we provide a set of recommendations taking into account the optimisation and security of a given process. We also create and implement security policies and procedures supporting the company's security in data processing in line with clients’ needs.

Technology stack

We provide security tests and audits for services based on various types of IT infrastructures: onsite, cloud, virtualisation, containers, cloud services.


We are experts in the field of IT security. We are happy to share our knowledge in this area. We conduct proprietary training courses on security awareness for office workers. Our goal is to present current popular threats in a practical way, as well as to indicate ways to defend against them — both inside and outside the company

Weevil practices DevOps

DevOps is a practice that every product should follow. It brings both developers and operations together to form a smaller and active product development cycle. The team of Weevil is specialized in setting up such architecture. It is capable of setting up automated test acceptance and a proper CI/ CD process. At Weevil, the teams of data scientists are highly experienced and can set up various tools like single sign-on/LDAP authentication, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Gradle, and AWS. Weevil also provides hiring services and consulting services for both onsite and offsite DevOps engineers. Deployment is one of the parameters of a successful product.


Facilitate agility in future developments. Agile methodology is different from devops practices. Agile focuses on iterative approach with client collaboration, whereas devops is to streamline development and operations. methodology.

Makes the deployment process faster and easier Implementation and setup of correct CI/ CD tools and processes make the deployment faster as code gets tested automatically and gets approval.

Facilitates 100% uptime By following the practice of continuous monitoring of the production environment, any anomaly can be pre-detected and prevented.

Facilitates collaborative working patterns Remotely, multiple teams can work together and collaborate on more significant systems. Different skills and expertise can make a better product. Each developer can concentrate on his domain expertise and operations are all automated.

Facilitates hybrid technology architecture Every technology has some strong capabilities, using specific tools like Docker, it has now become feasible to use different techniques together. This has opened doors to use best of all in the same project and still can be deployed on the same server.

Facilitates Load balancing and backup capabilities Due to VCS auto backups are created. It can also facilitate rollbacks and become artifacts of the system progress. DevOps can also help to configure load balancing as it understands the system’s operations.