We believe a diverse workforce brings unique talents and inspires teams to create technologies that can impact the world. Great minds don’t always think alike, so we make it an utmost priority to promote a work environment where different perspectives, thinking and culture are encouraged.

Our Recruiting Process


Submit your resume and cover letter explaining how your talents and experience align with the duties of the job to careers@weevilcompany.com Introduce yourself and express your interest in working for Weevil.


We read every application and cover letter personally to assess whether your experience and conveyed desire from the cover letter match the job in question or any other openings.


Steps will vary by team but typically include: phone screen, hiring manager interview, technical competency-based interview, and panel interviews with team members.


If we think you’re awesome & everything checks out, we’ll call you with an offer. When you accept, we’ll send through a contract and an information pack about our onboarding process.

Our Open HR Policies

Equal Gender Opportunity

We believe no man or woman is inferior and all can have their own unique capabilities in bringing the change to the business.

We Say “No” To

Unless you are an alien from some distant planet or galaxy, we will never deny you a job opportunity on the basis of any discrimination.


Until you promise not to chop vegetables or play cards, we are very much flexible with offering you the optimum level of work-life balance.


Health Insurance

We provide a comprehensive health insurance to cover the medical needs of you and your dependents.

Annual Leave

All team members have 20 days of paid annual leave, and are warmly encouraged to use them

Employee Pension

We provide all team members with an employee pension plan.

Remote Work Budget

We offer a one-time budget to assist team members in making their home office as productive as possible

Professional Development

We invest in our people to ensure they can achieve their short, medium, and long term professional goals

Smart, kind colleagues

Learn and grow with highly accomplished colleagues who’re invested in your personal and professional development

Our Values

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do and our success depends on staying true to them.


We treat each other, our customers, partners and suppliers with respect. That means accepting them even when they are different from us, or differ from us in opinion. Being respectful means, We care enough to think about how you impact others. At Weevil, we value choice, culture and diversity. We want you to feel safe being who you are. We support you with your goals, whatever they may be and we want you to be able to achieve those confidently. We want you always to feel your sense of purpose and motivation to live the life you choose.


Our commitment to innovation is strong in everything we do, we experiment, design, build and transform with speed and agility. We innovate together. Our customers’ input helps us develop products that best serve their business needs. Providing continual technology releases and new initiatives gives our customers an unbeatable advantage.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered to do their best work because they feel accepted, respected, and belong. We believe diversity makes us more competitive and creates value for our customers, and stakeholders. We believe in the value of each person’s unique identity, background, and experiences.


We have the resilience, focus and perseverance towards achieving long-term goals for our clients and stakeholders.  We are driven, pragmatic and agile thinkers who continuously learn and explore possibilities. We have the courage to solve the most complex problems using technology when others can’t, and the staying power to last the distance.


We act with high ethical standards, treat others with honesty and respect and keep promises and commitments to our stakeholders. We act with integrity and do the right thing. We are upfront, open and realistic. We are genuine about delivering what we say we will.

Diversity matters

We embrace individuality and diversity of thought to fuel opportunities for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. We work towards progress, knowing that a more inclusive and diverse team is critical to our mission and building a great product or solution requires expansive thinking and bold innovation – which, in turn, requires a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.