Workflows are how things get done in an organization.

Intelligent workflows are predictive, automated, agile and transparent. By making workflows more intelligent, you increase the confidence and speed in how decisions are made, empower people to do higher-value work, and create more meaningful experiences for customers and employees.

Our Capabilities

Business process analysis

We will analyze your business processes using dedicated tools containing special criteria for assessing the potential in terms of automation, detailed knowledge about the functionalities of RPA technologies and an understanding of the business areas of your company. We will suggest what can be robotized and whether it is worth doing it.

Analyze and
monitor data

We will design and build robots in accordance with the best practices regarding their construction and the way they work. We will ensure the completeness of documentation throughout the entire robot manufacturing process. We will match solutions to the specificity of your company's operation.

Robots maintenance

We will design and implement infrastructure tailored to your needs. Regardless of whether it will be a cloud-based or on-premises solution, we will provide support for maintaining the platform as well as the smooth and continuous operation of robots.


We are experts in the field of RPA. We are happy to share our knowledge in this area. We conduct proprietary training courses on RPA awareness for office workers. Our goal is to present current popular threats in a practical way, as well as to indicate ways to defend against them — both inside and outside the company

Four steps of process design

Weevil partner with clients to transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent digital operations. These services rely on AI, process automation and advanced analytics to help deliver higher-quality processes to lower cost with less risk. They address the four fundamental steps of process design:

• Assess business process workflow and redesign
• Select automation technologies and determine how they fit with the enterprise architecture
• Deploy accelerated proofs of concept using specific-automation solutions
• Integrate AI to create self-healing and automatic processes and provide business insights


Optimized operating costs.

Increased speed in executing tasks.

Minimized risk of errors occurring

Increased process execution flexibility

Improved team work efficiency

Adjusted scope of automation